Entering the job market can be a stressful time!

At MyConsulting Company, we pride ourselves with offering honest and candid advice above all.

Understanding what you are looking for as a job seeker is the first and most important part in the process. If you are “just looking for a job” you’ve come to the wrong place. We want to know what excites you in your professional career and how MyConsulting Company can help get you to the next level.

In truth, there will be times where our services may not be the best solution for every job seeker but rest assured, if we recommend you go a different path – we will guild you along that process as well. In fact, it often takes a multi-faced approach to land your dream job so we are going to work together to attack from all angles.

Looking for advice?

The best place to start is to call one of our reps for a consultation. We need to take a look at your resume and discuss what exactly you are looking for in your search. From there we will put together an action plan and go to work. At MyConsulting Company, we will use our network along with your network to lean on all resources necessary. We use all major recruiting resources including CareerBuilder, Monster, LinkedIn, Indeed, Industry User Groups, primary and secondary personal and professional networks at a minimum. Some occupations require and even more specialized approach and you will always know the plan in advance of executing it.



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